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We knew we could trust ACRT

August 4, 2016

“These four days of intensive training, the bulk of which consisted of hands-on field work, was no small event. For their expertise and assistance, we brought in ACRT, Inc., a partner that we’ve worked with since 2006. That year, ACRT led our Line Clearance Certification, and we’ve worked closely with the company since. We know ACRT, and they know us. Their organization provided critical assistance when we developed more formality around our safety program at that pivotal point in our growth. We knew we could trust ACRT, and they were happy to help.”

ACRT Arborist Training Staff

ACRT Arborist Training provides entry-level through advanced arborist classes and certifications for line clearance companies, government agencies, tree care companies, municipalities, and individuals around the nation.


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