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Training Locations

training locations

We Make Our Training Work for You

If you’re interested in registering for one of our training courses, the next step is to decide where. Typically this depends on your group size and your location. At ACRT Arborist Training, we offer a few different options for locations in order to provide the best possible experience. Whether you want to travel to one of our locations or have training brought directly to your organization, we’ll work to meet your needs. Our classes can be held in the following locations:

At ACRT Arborist Training Headquarters

Our headquarters is Akron, Ohio and we provide regularly scheduled training classes year-round. This is a cost-effective way for individuals or small groups to receive great hands-on training with one of our professional arborist training instructors. At our headquarters, we’re able to provide classroom space, areas for hands-on demonstrations, and in-field experience.

At Your Organization

For the best-customized training experience, we’d recommend having the course taught at your location. Training at your location allows our instructors the ability to put together a complete program based on your skill level and learning needs — right at your location. This option also benefits your organization by eliminating travel costs for your team and cutting down the amount of time off employees will need to complete training. When classes are held at your location, we bring the same hands-on training right to your backyard.


We also offer training to individuals and organizations at our open enrollment classes held at several locations around the country. At these locations, we’re able to offer classroom spaces, hands-on demonstrations, and in-field experience. Classes vary throughout the year. Click here to see our calendar.

No Matter Where You’re Located, We Set Up Courses to Accommodate Your Organization

ACRT Arborist Training is the largest licensed arboriculture vocational training organization in the industry, and we’re working towards making tree care safer one workshop at a time

Since our founding in 1985, our organization has been teaching individuals about the top practices and safety standards. If you’re interested in carrying the torch to future arborists and employees in the tree care industry as one of our trainers, check out our employment opportunities here

With 30 yrs of experience in the tree care industry I was very pessimistic about how much I would gain from this training. ACRT completely changed my approach to climbing and rigging.I can't wait to apply the new techniques and confidence I've gained.

Scott SpreitzerFacebook review