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Our Commitment to Safety

our commitment to safety

ACRT Arborist Training Practices Safety Every Single Day

At ACRT Arborist Training, safety is the foundation of our organization. Our founder, Dick Abbott, was a part of the initial committee that designed the standards in 1972. We take great pride in our founders efforts in the initial ANSI Z133 Safety Standards. This pride is something that we will always carry with us.


Without proper safe practices, the safety of you, your employees, and even the organization can be at risk. Everything we do is built on safety, our SAFE program helps manage our practices and build awareness.

Our SAFE program is built on eight basic principles:

  1. Personal Accountability
  2. Recurrent Training
  3. Input from Employees
  4. Recognizing Responsibility
  5. Safety Creates Good Business
  6. Prevent Injuries
  7. Ethical Responsibility
  8. Communication

The principles of our SAFE program outlines a strategy where safety touches every part of ACRT Arborist Training. By providing continuous safety education and encouraging open safety related communication, we keep safety top of mind. SAFE practices are our backbone. We’re dedicated to constant safety awareness.

In fact, in 2016, our senior instructor, Kevin Myers, was recognized by the Utility Arborists Association (UAA) with the inaugural Silver Shield award. Kevin will be able to own this title for life, and was recognized as a front line safety champion for his influence and promotion of a safety culture everywhere he goes.

Our classes teach students the importance of being safer and something to keep top of mind at home and in the workplace. After completing training with us, our students are confident in their ability to work in a safety-conscious environment. We recognize that this is a dangerous industry. That’s why we’re doing our part to make sure everyone makes it home at the end of the day.

Safety is The Heart of Everything We Do, and We’re Passing This Message to All Our Students

ACRT Arborist Training is the largest licensed arboriculture vocational training organization in the industry, and we’re working towards making tree care safer one workshop at a time

Since our founding in 1985, our organization has been teaching individuals about the top practices and safety standards. If you’re interested in carrying the torch to future arborists and employees in the tree care industry as one of our trainers, check out our employment opportunities here

With 30 yrs of experience in the tree care industry I was very pessimistic about how much I would gain from this training. ACRT completely changed my approach to climbing and rigging.I can't wait to apply the new techniques and confidence I've gained.

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