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Helping Train the Industry for More Than 40 Years

Part of what defines ACRT Arborist Training is our history of success. Our organization was founded in 1985, and training was literally built into our name as the “T” in ACRT.

Training has always been a part of our organization. It’s one of our core competencies and we place the highest value on sharing our knowledge. Our founder, Dick Abbott, was a part of the Z133 Safety Standards committee for 15 years. He not only helped create the standard, but he continued to improve the standards as time went on.

ACRT Arborist Training is an employee-owned, independent, and customer-focused organization. Along with being a part of our name, training is also one of the four pillars that define our organization’s brand. Our four brand pillars are:


We serve our people, who serve our customers, who serve their communities. We believe people are our greatest resource. We have a team of advanced training instructors who are driven towards sharing their expertise and passion with our students.


No matter the task at hand, we know how to tackle it. We’re experts in defining the parameters of success and executing on them. We do it all with safety—of our employees and our communities—driving every action we take.


We are in it for the long term. We believe in long-term solutions and will help develop detailed roadmaps for continued success.


We’re the experts—and we’re proud to extend that expertise to those who seek it. We offer qualified training opportunities in areas where they are needed to help our customers reach their fullest potential, preparing them for what their work throws at them.

Thousands of workers across the country have been trained and gone on to find employment opportunities by attending our arborist training classes. With the help of our highly educated trainers with years of knowledge and experience in the industry we’re making an impact on the next generation of safety-conscious leaders.

We Build Top Training Courses for the Tree Care Industry

ACRT Arborist Training is the largest licensed arboriculture vocational training organization in the industry, and we’re working towards making tree care safer one workshop at a time

Since our founding in 1985, our organization has been teaching individuals about the top practices and safety standards. If you’re interested in carrying the torch to future arborists and employees in the tree care industry as one of our trainers, check out our employment opportunities here

With 30 yrs of experience in the tree care industry I was very pessimistic about how much I would gain from this training. ACRT completely changed my approach to climbing and rigging.I can't wait to apply the new techniques and confidence I've gained.

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