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Registered with the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools, Registration No. 1677.


ACRT Arborist Training is Educating a New Generation of Arborists

If your organization is looking for a way to provide your employees with on-the-job training, ACRT Arborist Training can help. We provide entry-level through advanced arborist classes and certifications for line clearance companies, government agencies, tree care companies, municipalities, and individuals around the nation. Let ACRT Arborist Training arm your crews with the right knowledge to perform their work safely, properly, and effectively.

ACRT was founded on training and education. It was so important to our founders that it became the “T” in our name. We believe in sharing practical knowledge. We’re the experts—and we’re proud to extend that expertise to those who seek it. We offer training opportunities in areas where they are needed to help empower the people around us.

ACRT Arborist Training provides a unique experience for individuals interested in advancing their careers. Our small class sizes and affordable pricing create a great value and learning environment. Due to our independence, our trainers are able to provide a number of products for our students to sample. We encourage our students to try a wide variety rather than one sponsored brand.

Rather than showcasing one sponsored brand, our trainers are showcasing a number of ropes, saddles, hardware, and saws so students are able to determine what they like working with best while they’re learning. Supplying students with the opportunity to try a number of available products is invaluable to their careers.

our commitment to safety

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is part of the core of ACRT Arborist Training, and it is an integral part of every class we teach. Through our classes, we’re helping create a safety-conscious environment for all trainees.



Thousands of workers across the country have been trained, finding employment opportunities after attending our arborist training classes. Since our inception in 1985, we’ve grown into the largest licensed arboriculture training organization in North America.

meet the senior instructors

Meet the Senior Instructors

Our instructors are leading the way for our training staff. They bring a wealth of experience and a strong drive to mentor and coach new arborists in our programs. Learn more about their backgrounds here.

training locations

Training Locations

ACRT Arborist Training offers a few different training location options. We can accomodate your needs.. Whether you’d like to attend a training class at our headquarters in Akron, Ohio, your location, or one of our regional locations, we’ll provide what’s best for you.



What do others say about our classes and instructors? Take a look at a few of our testimonials. We are pleased to share the experiences of some of the students and organizations that have benefitted from ACRT Arborist Training.



Want to stay up-to-date on vegetation management and utility services? Explore helpful webinars and other resources from ACRT Arborist Training and our family of companies here.

Training the Next Generation

All our classes are built on industry safety practices. Ready to start learning?