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StrategiTech and Bermex


July 15, 2020 — Stow, Ohio — ACRT Services, a leading provider of independent consulting solutions to utilities and associated organizations throughout the United States, is pleased to announce that it has acquired metering services provider StrategiTech of Ruskin, Florida. As part of the acquisition, the company will be merged with ACRT Services’ existing metering services subsidiary Bermex, and the combined organization will retain the Bermex name.

Founded in 2013 by Tommy Combs, StrategiTech brings decades of utility services experience in a variety of focuses, including meter reading, line locating, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deployment, automated meter reading (AMR) deployment, post-deployment services, atmospheric corrosion surveys, gas leak detection and resolution, and general meter services. Additionally, StrategiTech offers Sky Grid Solutions — aerial drone inspections for transmission assets, distribution assets, and solar panels; storm damage; substations and facilities; and vegetation management.

“We’re incredibly excited to be joining Bermex and the ACRT Services family,” said Tommy Combs, StrategiTech founder and now director of operations development at Bermex. “After many conversations, it makes sense that our two companies should come together to put our unique capabilities as well as those we share to greater and further use for our clients’ success.”
The purchase agreement became official on July 1. StrategiTech will formally become part of Bermex on October 1. Until then, the companies will be navigating the steps needed to transition StrategiTech employees over to Bermex.

“I’m thrilled to welcome StrategiTech to the Bermex family,” said Bermex President Kenny Murphy. “For nearly 50 years, Bermex has been serving utilities nationwide with metering services and other support capabilities. By welcoming StrategiTech to our family, we will expand those services and capabilities to deliver a more comprehensive suite of service offerings to our utility partners.”

“Our organization has been on a strong growth trajectory for years, and this acquisition is a strong representation of our commitment not only to provide more services to our utility customers but also develop people,” said ACRT Services CEO Michael Weidner. “I’m very excited to welcome the StrategiTech team to our organization and to expand the Bermex portfolio for our customers’ success.”

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