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Registered with the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools, Registration No. 1677.

A Silent Force of Support: Annissa May

Woman with blonde wavy hair smiling, wearing glasses, and a black quarter-zip jacket.A Silent Force of Support: Annissa May

She’ll argue that her career isn’t that interesting, but in a way, Annissa May has served as a backbone of our organization since 1999. Joking that this dates her, May remembers the morning she walked to a newspaper stand to peruse the classifieds for job ads when she stumbled upon a position at ACRT. She applied on Monday, interviewed on Tuesday, received a job offer on Wednesday, and her first day was Thursday, Nov. 18, 1999.

For nearly 20 years, May served in a role where she supported operations managers and field staff to ensure they were equipped to do their jobs safely and properly.

In 2020, she transitioned roles and became ACRT Arborist Training’s school director. As she did in 1999, May jumped head-first into this position and learned about arboriculture first-hand. She’s attended ACRT Arborist Training classes, learned how to climb, and even hoisted 70 feet up in a bucket.

As the school director, May ensures that ACRT Arborist Training adheres to the regulations that are set by the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools. That includes making sure that all record-keeping is correctly done and ensuring students know their rights and responsibilities and know what to expect.

In addition to those tasks that she refers to as an “ethical obligation,” organizing courses across the country, and more, she was instrumental in overhauling ACRT Arborist Training’s Line Clearance Arboriculture Manual and introducing the Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance Handbook.

May shares, “The original book was written by Dick Abbott – a giant in this industry. He’s no longer with us, but he still looms large in the industry. The 2005 edition was edited by two other giants in the industry – Peter Dubish and Jim Rooney. They’re big, important, smart, kind, wonderful people. I hope the 2023 version echoes the original version and the original voices are still heard and appreciated.”

ACRT Arborist Training Staff

ACRT Arborist Training provides entry-level through advanced arborist classes and certifications for line clearance companies, government agencies, tree care companies, municipalities, and individuals around the nation.


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