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COVID-19 Update


Within the utility marketspace, most of the services we provide are designated essential to everyday life. Utilities are considered necessary for maintaining the Essential Critical Infrastructure during shelter-in-place and other restrictive state mandates limiting other organizations and workforces. We have spent a majority of this new normal understanding what it means to be essential and how we ensure that our workforce safety is placed above all else.

Navigating this turbulent environment takes the cooperation from our utility partners, our employees, and the public we’re serving. We have always stood on a foundation rooted in safety, and it is no different now. We are following federal, state, and local recommendations, amending and adjusting policies to strengthen our commitment to keeping our employees and communities safe. 

Know that your health and safety is a core value and will continue to be our top priority while delivering the same service our partners have relied on for decades.

Learn more about how we’re taking steps to protect our customers and ourselves from COVID-19.